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Collaborative family law is an alternative method of resolving divorce and child custody issues without litigating in court.  The collaborative family law process aims for the couple to settle and resolve conflicts in a cooperative manner instead of an adversarial approach, as it is agreed that the parties will not seek to litigate during negotiations. While divorcing spouses may have different ideas on matters of child custody, property division, and child support, the collaborative process helps the parties to make these decisions themselves by utilizing open information gathering and four-way meetings with their attorneys. Other neutral professionals specifically trained in divorce planning may be utilized, such as a child specialist and financial planner, to help meet the transitioning needs of the family. Often times a collaborative divorce is more cost effective than a traditional divorce because there is no litigation and certain tasks can be assigned to a trained neutral professional, thereby avoiding effort duplication.

Collaborative Family Law Experience

Erin Priest is trained in collaborative family law.  She can guide your divorce in a way that gives you more control over the outcome and minimizes the stress of ongoing litigation. Whether you and your spouse currently agree on all issues or no issues, a collaborative divorce could be the solution you’re looking for.  It sets the tone for the process.  By focusing on respect and a willingness to cooperative where possible, it can keep costs down, civility between parents up, and make the process more painless.  If you wish to consider a better way to end your marriage or settle your child custody issues, you need a compassionate advocate willing to put your interests in peaceful resolution above the bottom line of her business.  If this appeals to you, call to schedule a collaborative family law consultation today.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be the one legal area where people have the greatest difficulty being collaborative.  People are often hurt, feel betrayed, or may even feel mad and vindictive.  Given these natural emotions, it is not uncommon to see that divorce lawyer fees on an average case can total around $27,000.  A collaborative divorce lawyer is usually trained to diffuse the self destructive impulses that can lead divorce into a highly contentious affair.  The collaborative divorce lawyer will also foster open communication so that the parties “play with their cards up”.  This mutual respect and fair play is essential to the process and both sides must have a collaborative divorce attorney who is encouraging the communal participation of both parties.  It should come as no surprise that in this type of divorce model, parties often get divorce sooner, with less friction, and with less overall cost.  This can be invaluable for children of the divorce, so they aren’t forced to join the legion of American children who have been emotionally scarred by witnessing an ugly divorce between parents.  Erin Priest is a collaborative divorce attorney committed to having happy clients who can look back on the divorce process without disgust or despair.  Call today to learn more.