Child Support Attorneys in Vancouver WA

child holding coins representing child support attorney vancouver wa

A child support attorney can help you make heads or tails of the child support laws and how they pertain to you.  Priest & Ellis is a Vancouver WA family law firm that represents clients through divorce, child custody and other family law matters where the child support laws apply.  Getting help from an experienced child support attorney can make sure you don’t pay too much child support or not collect enough child support from your child’s other parent.  The child support laws and worksheets required in Washington can be complicated and frustrating, so it pays to have a lawyer help you.  An experienced child support attorney can also help you make sure the other parent cannot hide income and assets that might otherwise raise his or her child support obligation.  We can help fully investigate your family law case so child support is properly imposed.  Child support is just one aspect of what an experienced divorce attorney can handle for you, so call to schedule a consultation with Priest & Ellis PLLC today.

Child Custody Laws

Washington child custody laws aim to insure that children receive enough financial support from their parents to meet their basic needs and to provide additional financial support commensurate with the parents’ income, resources and standard of living.  Where possible, child support obligations should be equitably apportioned between the parents.  This can be easier said than done in many cases, so it pays to understand the details of the child support laws.  A child support lawyer may be able to effectively argue your case circumstances to convince the judge to support your cause.  Because a child support determination depends on both parties’ gross income, imputation, deductions, insurance payments and daycare costs, there may be wiggle room to make some creative arguments.  Child support laws try to look to the future in establishing the correct support obligation amounts, so anticipated changes might also be important.

Child Support Attorney Consultation

If you are facing divorce or a child custody matter, we can consult with you for a flat fee of $100 regarding your child support issues and more.  While simply consulting with an attorney will never give you all the answers to handle your own case, we can help clear some of the confusion so you better understand how the system works.  A little good advice regarding child support laws can make sure you don’t make some major missteps in your case that could hurt you or your children.  Lastly, if you decide you want to hire a professional, consulting with us is a great way to decide whether we’d make a good fit for your case.  Given our dedication to our clients’ interests and passion for litigation, we’re confident you’ll learn how Priest & Ellis can your cause.